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Avon launches Attraction Sensation for Him and Her

In the game of attraction, none of our senses can be neglected. Avon has launched Attraction Sensation, a pair of fragrances for Her and for Him that awaken the five senses: Sight, Touch, Hearing, Taste and Smell. This is the third launch of the successful Attraction brand, which already features Attraction Original and Attraction Rush, an addictive, magnetic and electrifying range of fragrances that have a powerful accord in the heart to boost the effects of attraction.

The Bold Leather accord is in the heart of both Attraction Sensation fragrances, connecting both partners with an intensified and stimulating power that is undeniably irresistible. When rubbed against the skin, this special accord is tied to memory and highlights sensuality. The sophisticated olfactives were developed by two of the world’s most prestigious perfumers, Laurent Le Guernec (Attraction Sensation for Her) and Michelle DeFina (Attraction Sensation for Him) after studying the most sensual ingredients available in Nature.

“Avon always seeks to offer the luxury codes of high-end perfumery at a more affordable cost. Therefore, our fragrances are developed by perfumers recognised worldwide and are made with high-quality ingredients. Sensation is another success of the Attraction brand, which already features Attraction Original and Attraction Rush. It is the first pair of fragrances to market to be designed to awaken the five senses between partners,” explains Momin Hukamdad, executive director of commercial marketing.

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On top of luxurious ingredients, Attraction Sensation stands out for a long-lasting scent that lasts up to eight hours on the skin. A test conducted with various couples from around the world revealed that 98 per cent of respondents said they couldn’t resist their partner wearing Attraction Sensation and 80 per cent of them said Attraction Sensation instigated them to touch their partners more.

The Fragrance for Her

Family: Floral Oriental Fruity

The thrill of irresistible attraction begins when you breathe in this new intoxicating scent. The body reacts instantly to the Spicy Ginger and the Oriental Mandarin. The heart beats faster with the alluring Jasmine. Orris and Midnight Freesia create a hypnotic feeling. And the shared Bold Leather accord connects you to your partner with an intensified and intoxicating scent.

Main notes:

Intoxicating Plum: succulent and lush, emits a sensuous note of sweet fruit that is inviting and envelops you in its exciting scent, to maximize the feeling of thrilling attraction.

White Floral Jasmine Sambac LMR: an olfactive bright star, combines opulence and sensuality. This small flower also brings out sweet and intoxicating nuances.

Bold Leather: unique to Avon, shared Bold Leather accord acts like a magnet and attracts both partners towards each other creating a long-lasting sense of addiction. This special accord lends a rich, rugged and smoky scent that is both exciting and sensual at its core.

The Fragrance for Him

Family: Oriental Fougère

A magnetic force of seduction lives in the spicy Black Pepper. Ginger Oil increases the heart rate. The intoxicating thrill intensifies with sensual Clary Sage and the fresh and robust Lavender Oil. Addictive Patchouli and Vetiver release a high dose of adrenaline while the Bold Leather accord connects you to your partner.

Main notes:

Black Pepper Oil LMR: elicits a warming, stimulating and slightly sweet aroma. Its fresh and spicy attributes are welcoming while its mild spiciness is stimulating.

Lavender Oil Bulgaria LMR: aromatic, herbaceous and floral, transports the wearer to an enchanting meadow fringed with natural lavender sprigs. A comforting feeling, the oil has a sweet and at the same time, sharp aroma.

Bold Leather: it is evocative of the best moments in life with its natural and sensual characteristics. This sensual accord has the power to connect you to your partner.

Where to shop

Avon Attraction Sensation is available through Avon representatives. The item can also be purchased online at https://my.avon.co.za/.


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