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Tips on how to theme your toddler’s bedroom

Most parents will agree that toddlers can be demanding little creatures, so it is no wonder the saying goes that dynamite comes in small packages.

By the time your child has reached two or three years, not only have they developed their own distinctive personality with clear likes and dislikes, but chances are good that they are also voicing these preferences regularly in a not so quiet way.

How should you go about theming your child’s bedroom when you are met with this request?

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Of course you want to make their bedroom special, but it can be a time consuming and expensive exercise, and since toddlers aren’t really known for their consistency, your daughter may easily announce that she wants a Finding Nemo theme right after you have gone to great lengths to convert her room into a Winter Wonderland.

Corinne D’Aguiar, from Seeff, gives the following tips on how to save time and money when theming your child’s bedroom:

• However tempted you are, don’t paint the walls. This is a drastic measure and you will probably need to repaint it in a couple of months. Research different wallpapers. This is a quick way to theme a bedroom, but it is also easy to remove.

• Buy or make “centre pieces” that incorporate your theme as opposed to installing fixtures. If the theme is Barbie, buy a Barbie lamp and a Barbie clock. Barbie linen is also a good idea. When you, or your toddler, decide that you no longer want this theme, the themed pieces can then be easily removed and resold.

• If you give your child free reins with regard to choosing a theme, you may very well end up regretting it. Propose three themes that you and the rest of the family can live with and then allow your child to select one. This way your toddler still feels “in charge” but at least it’s within your own parameters.

• Reversible bedding is also a great idea for those days that you or your child needs a change of scenery. When you switch back to the themed side of the bedding it will be as good as new and exciting all over.

• Consider exchanging unisex themes with friends who have children of more or less the same age. This way you can have two themed bedrooms per year for the price of one. This is another reason why it is important to keep the paint colours neutral.

• Remember to keep safety in mind. Toddlers love to jump on beds so purchase a lower bed if possible. Also cover sharp edges, plug points and wires and buy some soft carpets or a play mat for the floor.

• Invest in clever storage space, but keep the colours neutral so that it can be reused. Storage space that can fit underneath the bed is wise as it saves space and also keeps the room from becoming cluttered.

• Do lots of research on Pinterest and make a list according to your favourite items. Set up a budget and stick to it.

Here are some popular themes for toddler bedrooms at the moment:
• Unicorns.
• Disney characters like Princess Elsa from Frozen.
• Hot air balloons.
• Mermaids.
• Safari adventures.
• Action Heroes like Batman.
• Space.
• Dinosaurs.
• Under the Sea.

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