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Colour tips to make a room look bigger

Want to know how to use colour to make a small a room looker bigger?

Just because a room is small does not mean it has to feel small. Carefully considered colours can transform a small room into a beautiful intimate and cosy space, or they can be used to fool the eye and make a room appear larger than it actual is.

Colour is such an important aspect of decorating. It is the most important design element in creating the mood of a room, it also has the power to alter our perception of the size and shape of a space.

Light and white
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Light colours on the walls reflect natural light and bounce it around, this creates an open and airy space. Ideally a soft white is preferable for walls, as brilliant white can look clinical. Use bright white as an accent colour for accessories and trim.

White is a great canvas to paint your walls as it goes with everything, but it can be boring. Create interest by adding bolder accent furniture and accessories or paint a feature wall in a cool light shade, like blue, green or grey.

Warm versus cool colours

Cool pastel shades recede, making walls appear further away than they actually are thus making a space feel larger. Cool sky blues are ideal for bathrooms as they create a calm, spacious atmosphere.

Conversely warm colours advance, making a wall appear closer than it actually is, and, in doing so, make a room appear smaller. If you have a space that is long and narrow, painting a warm colour at one end will make the wall appear closer and the space less narrow.

Painting the trim

It is common to paint skirtings and cornices white as this creates a clean edge and frames the walls. However, painting skirting boards and cornices the same colour as the wall will make a wall appear taller than it is, making a room appear larger.

Painting the ceiling

Ceilings painted in light colours will make the ceiling recede and appear higher creating a feeling of more space. Another trick is to paint the ceiling and the walls the same light colour, this allows the eye to move continuously around the room without stopping at boundary of the wall and the ceiling, this makes the room appear more spacious.

Painting stripes

Stripes are a great way to create an illusion of space. Horizontal stripes will make a wall appear longer than it actually is. Vertical stripes will make a room appear taller than it actually is. Stripes can be done in beautiful bright colours in various widths or keep it simple and stylish with stripes of the same size in neutral colours.

* Information courtesy of Private Property.

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