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What’s your Mmmzansi Flavour?

As part of the nationwide campaign, “What’s your Mmmzansi Flavour”, Simba has launched two more locally inspired flavours: Chakalaka and Shisanyama.

The campaign saw Simba, with Anele Mdoda, one of SA’s most loved radio personalities, calling for people far and wide to share their own Mmmzansi flavour, reflecting all that our nation loves to eat. South Africans jumped at the opportunity, suggesting a variety of delectable homegrown flavours in celebration of both Simba and our nation’s rich, local heritage.

The two new flavours, Chakalaka and Shisanyama, follow hot on the heels of the recently launched Chilli Biltong flavour and were chosen because they are what South Africans most love to eat. The combinations of meat and spice repeatedly came up as favourites, and the pairings were created using dishes that have been on local menus for generations.

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“Chakalaka and Shisanyama are such iconic South African foods, enjoyed by millions in their homes each day. Our intention is to capture these classic favourites into a bag of Simba chips and take people on a locally inspired flavour journey,” said Agnes Kitololo, marketing director at PepsiCo.

So, go instore and grab your packet of Simba’s new Mmmzansi flavoured Chakalaka and Shisanyama chips.

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