February garden tasks

· Water and mow lawns weekly. If it is very hot don’t cut the lawn too low. The longer leaves will shade the roots, so that it draws up less water.

· Remove dead flowers; this will extend the flowering period of your summer annuals and perennials.

· Pull out summer annuals, like petunias, that are over and put in some quick flowering annuals like Vinca, Marigolds and Angelonia.

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· Lightly trim lavender, pelargoniums, and other bushy plants that need tidying up, as well as topiaries and hedges. Take cuttings of pelargoniums, hydrangeas, osteospermum, fuchsias, salvia, and heliotrope.

· There is still time to divide agapanthus and irises.

· Water camellias and azaleas regularly as they are getting buds for spring.

· Water containers daily and feed with a liquid fertiliser at half strength every second week.

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