Spoil that someone special this Valentine’s Day


Gift-giving on Valentine’s Day can sometimes get tricky, especially when the gift you purchase is not well received.
However, with a little creativity, you can express appreciation and love on Valentine’s Day by opting for a gift that is more practical.

For him

• Tickets. If your Valentine has a favourite sports team or band, consider buying him ticket to an upcoming game or performance.
• Footwear. Whether dressy or sporty, shoes, sandals or athletic footwear can simultaneously fulfil a need and a want if you select a pair from your valentine’s favourite designer.
• Food. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, your valentine is likely to enjoy a meal if you opt for his favourite restaurant, or lovingly prepare his favourite dish.
• Clothes. Clothing is as personal as an individual gets, so eliminate gift rejection by either taking your valentine on a shopping spree, or wrap up a gift voucher from his favourite store. Even if you choose to stick to underwear, get creative and buy something he would love but is too shy to buy himself.
• Jewellery. From watches to chains, tie pins to rings, there are many great things you can buy your valentine from the jewellery shop. Remember to buy something that either can be used daily or something for a special occasion. Anything in-between might just sit in a drawer until next year.
• Hobby helps. Whatever your beau’s interest, consider buying him something that can be used to further enjoy his hobby. Again, since such things as golf clubs, mitts and certain balls must feel right to the user, you may want to give him a gift voucher to his favourite hobby shop.

For her

• A handmade card says much more than a store bought one and will let your partner know exactly how much they mean to you.
• Fresh flowers. The key to this is how they are delivered. You could have them delivered to her place of work, don her home with them, or give a single red rose with a ring attached to it. What could be more romantic? You could even put the flowers into an elegant vase that can be kept forever.
• A romantic candlelit dinner for two. Cook her favourite meal, light some candles, stand the wine in ice and put on some light background music – these will set the scene perfectly for your romantic evening together.
• Jewellery. A heart locket for her with a photograph of the two of you inside, or a piece of jewellery with a message on it. Maybe an engagement ring (hint, hint).
• Love songs. Put together a compilation of both your favourite love songs.
• Say it with words. Write her a poem about how much she means to you. If you cannot write poetry, then give a book of poetry instead.
• Picture perfect. Have a favourite photograph of the two of you blown up and mounted onto a lovely frame.