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Half a dozen lovely reads

Country Lovers

Fiona Walker is right up there at the top of our list of favourite chic-lit authors. Big, fat reads crammed with farmhouses and horses and hanky-panky. Country Lovers is 595 pages of sheer joy. The perfect Valentine’s read. Head Zeus, R315.

What Happens in Paradise

Old lies. New loves. Double lives. All set on a island in the Caribbean. Elin Hilderbrand’s What Happens in Paradise is just the thing for a lazy summer afternoon read on the lounger. Hodder & Stoughton, R325.

The Family Gift

Cathy Kelly’s another fave… her books are warm and witty and just wonderful. The Family Gift is the story of a big, messy, and wonderful family, a glamorous and manipulative ex-wife, a new house in the country (with a name, not a number!)… and of Mildred (that nagging inner critic who tells us we’re not good enough). Orion, R285.

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Genuine Lies

A movie goddess with two Oscars, four husbands, a whole string of lovers, and a story to tell. Add a loving stepson, a beautiful and talented ghost writer and a few dangerous secrets and you’ve got Nora Roberts at her best. Genuine Lies is a reprint of her thriller-cum-love-story… and it’s fab. Little Brown, R195.

The Gifted School

In Bruce Holsinger’s The Gifted School, a group of close friends and their children are living harmoniously in a peaceful, privileged community. But when a gifted school, with just
a few prestigious places, opens, there’s suddenly fierce competition… and things quickly turn sour. Headline, R325.

Lies Lies Lies

Lies Lies Lies. Adele Parks’ latest novel is all happy families and perfect marriages. On the surface. But add alcohol, secrets and lies, and you’ve got a disaster just waiting to happen. Dark and moody and a fabulous twist. HQ / Harper Collins, R318.





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