Spend quality time with your canine companion while working from home


After a long day at the office, does your faithful canine companion come racing to meet you at the door?

For some dog owners they may even be greeted with howls of delight as their four-legged friend regales them with tales of what happened during the day.

Today (June 26) is Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Under normal circumstances, this might not be a possibility, but due to lockdown, and with many people still working from home, they can certainly enjoy having their dog at the ‘office’ with them.

Here are a few tips how you can spend quality time with your canine companion while working from home.

• Pamper your pet. Dogs love attention so make sure you give them plenty of cuddles. You can also get out the brush and give them a good grooming.

• Take them for a walk during your lunch break. With the ease in lockdown restrictions you can stretch their legs with a walk around the block or even a few laps around the garden.

• Play games. If the weather is fine you can spend time outside playing fetch.

• Play hide-and-seek. Hide one of their favourite treats somewhere around the house or garden and let them search for it.

• Keep them close. Let them rest at your feet or by your desk while you labour away. They might not be interested in what is happening on your computer, or whatever Facebook post you’re sharing, but they’ll be glad just to be in your company and know you are there.

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