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She embraced the world of yoga completely and is what we may call a yogi in heart and soul.  And where else will you catch up with Jasmine Bremner than in her studio from which she runs Yoga-Nation.

She grew up in Primrose Hill and from there moved a bit to the ‘North’ to find herself back in Alberton – in something Jasmine calls making it a full circle, finding herself where she believes she should be.

From an early age she and her brother found themselves in a world so different from other children. They would always be creating alter egos in alternative worlds, always searching for the next gem or the next best story.

However, growing up Jasmine was known to family and friends as Jess’Amin.

“Why on earth my parents chose to give me a name like that I don’t know because my friends would call me Jessie, Jazz – anything but Jess’Amin.

“So I decided to change my name to Jasmine and in doing so, I believe I have changed my destiny,” she said.

“You know, I used to be a hairdresser, which I loved because I love being creative. I loved creating joy in other people through my creativity as a hairdresser. But there was just never time for one self – it was work, work, work six days a week and then chores on the seventh day.”

But it was also her occupation as hairdresser which opened the road to become her.

“I was gifted a lot while doing hair and one day I received a pack of angel cards and the first card that fell out of that deck was one that predicted I would travel up North and that I will find myself there.”

Change direction

And no, North was not Sandton or Parkhust. She bought a ticket and was off to India.

“I came to a stage in my life where I realised I was creating chaos – in me and around me. And I am grateful today that I could shed the old me, I realised you will reap what you sow.

“I discovered truths about myself and realised what defined me. This is also where I realised that the only thing in life holding us back is fear and I had to reconnect with myself.

“My direction was changed. I was medically boarded and I had no sense of belonging. I was in an accident and lost my sense of smell and taste. But yoga changed this for me. When I realised who I was and where I was about to go with my life, these things changed too.”

Upon her return she started putting this new lifestyle into practice with yoga, reiki and tai chi. At first she was just taking classes and then her life turned around and she started
giving classes.

“To this day I am still studying but what I know has allowed me to open a home for others. My studio is a safe space for people to reconnect. What started out as a hobby is now my day job.”

A new life

Jasmine’s changed lifestyle also led to an entirely new life. A life where she became conscious about what she does and how she approaches life.

“I am now conscious about everything in my life. How I feel when I get dressed in the mornings, the smell of Sta-soft on my clothes, what I eat, how I recycle – we simply don’t give our bodies enough credit and we have to come back to basic things.

“The most important thing you have is to breathe, so I start my morning with conscious breathing and only then do I get to my ‘to-do list’.”

And for those who want to make this change – does she have anything to share?

“Escape your habits. We are all equipped with willpower. In my classes you do the work and it is truly the best thing to see how people make a connection with themselves after we are done with a class.

“Not because I did that for them but because they did that – they moved their bodies, they became still within themselves and they are finding the harmony in themselves.

“We are all where we are supposed to be in life at that given stage in your life. And if you are in pursuit of the deeper truth of where you are going you are the one who will unlock the path.

“You simply have to speak your truth. Listen to who you are because those who matter won’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.”

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On a personal note

• Do you prefer art, travel or food?


• Rain or sunshine?


• City girl or outdoor living?


• What is your ultimate spoil?

Hot chocolate with a little bit of cayenne pepper, salt and a couple of other things I put into it.

• What is your guilty pleasure?

Hubbly bubbly.

• What are your pet peeves?

Institutions controlling stuff and people, mass production and consumption and the ‘poison’ we find in these mass produced food items.

• Care to share your motto with us?

Just breathe and find the intention behind that because that is all you have and all you own.

• Who inspires you?

The sun and the divine. God is the energy and created me and it makes me feel I am worthy to exist. By the will of God I can’t shy away from it, it is my truth.