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In pursuit of success

She is young, unapologetic and making moves. We catch up with Bedfordview entrepreneur Nomsa Nhlabathi, estate agent and director, who feels her best business move was
defining her niche and not entertaining offers that go against that.

One thing is certain, at the age of 26, Nomsa is well underway to make her mark in the real estate industry with her goal set on nothing but success.

Her career in real estate started during the early days of her tertiary life. While most young adults were still figuring themselves out, Nomsa was set on pursuing a
new career.

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“My real estate journey began in the North West where I was studying for a BCom
in economics.

“I interned at a real estate company for a while and did exceptionally well as an intern. Then I got an offer to run someone else’s real estate company in Kimberley and that is when I set my eye on ownership.

“I wanted to purchase the franchise. However, they wanted to charge me over R500 000 for the franchise which did not make sense. It was not a popular brand and everyone in the area had been introduced to it by me.”

Nomsa then made the brave decision to resign and start her own property business. She felt that at the age of 23, she had enough experience and drive and so Prestige Property Group opened its doors in March in 2018.

“I found my niche and was not prepared to entertain offers that went against it.

“My main goal with the firm is to build a corporation that epitomises excellence through quality customer service – from how our clients are educated about their real estate transactions and decisions, to the actual member of the workforce and the lifestyle they embody.”

Educating and building strong relationships with her staff is also high on her list
of priorities.

“My plan is to hire quality candidates and empower them, by not only educating them about real estate, but also about being a human representation of excellence and nothing less.”

Setting up shop

Nomsa chose Bedfordview as her headquarters because she grew up in the East Rand and wanted to be a part of the change that will shift the quality of the East Rand.

“I enjoy the potential this city holds. I want to contribute immensely to it and
the fruits it is about to bear.”

She added how she loves that the infrastructure is already in place and that Bedfordview is rated among the best areas in Africa.

“I spent most of my childhood admiring Bedfordview because my father is a warrant officer at the Bedfordview Police Station,” said Nomsa.

Her favourite hangouts are Starbucks in Eastgate and Woolworths in Bedford Centre.

“I hold some of my most important meetings at the Harvard Cafe inside Rand Airport.”

Highlights and challenges of your business?

“I’ve just listed a globally celebrated five-star hotel in Centurion and a well-run shopping complex in Germiston. This caps our listings for the year at a well over R200-milliom portfolio and it is only June, so we have bigger and better plans ahead.

“We are also working towards building systems to ensure that our business is digitally equipped to handle the 4IR without losing touch with human interaction,” Nomsa said.

“I think being a young female in any industry is challenging. Older, more experienced people may not agree with your methods. They may also make the assumption that you do not know what you are doing because you are younger.

“In more dire cases, you get clients who do not want to pay you your worth, or they try to pay less for my services because they assume they will get away with it.

“Oh, and another is stubborn clients who refuse to go through the pre-approval process before looking for a home to buy, an office to lease or a building for investment purposes.

“What many people don’t understand is that getting pre-qualified is for their own good. Why would you want to waste weeks or months looking for your dream home if there’s a chance that you can’t even line up financing?”

Describe yourself

“I draw deep satisfaction from solving problems and being the ultimate advocate for progressive change.

“I am a thought leader in any conversation about the integral position real estate holds in our constant, yet subtle evolution. My ultimate goal is to build systems that will outlive us and assist us in unearthing the best we have to offer. Breaking barriers is an action I not only find necessary but natural.”

When asked about her mission in life the answer was a quick “to live a full and happy life. I will cultivate beautiful personal and working relationships, I will eat well and take care of my body, and I will have fun and be intentional about the life I am living.”

Nomsa enjoys working with some jazz in the background over a cup of coffee, travelling with her very small circle of friends and she loves teaching and building through the Prestige Property Group.

“I also enjoy dancing, particularly to some jazz. I find cooking extremely therapeutic. I love spending time with my dogs and I love a good book.

“For time out, I go golfing at the Germiston Golf Club. I love its rich history and the atmosphere is really peaceful.”

Any skills and tips you’d like to share?

“Everything in life is sales. Sales is a skill I would encourage everyone to learn,” she said earnestly.

Life lesson and a message to share?

“Charity begins at home. Take care of home and your community will be a community to be proud of.

“I would encourage young people to chase the greatest, most beautiful version of themselves possible and be that.”

Nomsa believes the following five tips helped her to succeed:

1. “When you grow, your business grows, so do not stop growing. Upgrade your education, work out, sleep well, take care of your heart and mind, and replace bad habits with good ones. Practise kindness and love. Just don’t stop being better.

2. “Be persistent. Do not stop. Everything in life is seasonal, including the adversities.

3. Define what success means to you and be relentless in its pursuit.

4. “Love your work, you spend most of your life doing it.

5. “And rest.”

Text: Lebogang Sekgwama. Photo: Natasha Lorde.

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