SA born artist release the atmospheric title track for The Unfamiliar


SA born Anna Wolf and Pop Morrison channel their spectral chemistry into the atmospheric title track for the new horror film The Unfamiliar – The music video releases today!

The song sets a tone before you’ve even seen the film, the same way the movie leaves a mark after you’ve seen it” – Pop Morrison, producer/songwriter.

Anna Wolf is a singer-songwriter and holder of multiple awards for her piquant, poignant and highly idiosyncratic music.

Pop Morrison is the alias of Jamie Morrison, currently the drummer of Stereophonics, and under this moniker, an explosive madcap music producer in his own right. Before writing, the duo was sent a private link of The Unfamiliar to discuss the song’s direction with the film’s director and co-writer Henk Pretorius.

‘We took a metaphorical approach with it to convey the forever-building eerie tone of the film. The lyrically-driven song is also a homage to the nostalgia that the film evoked in me as a fan of The Shining and Hitchcock’s Psycho,’ says Anna.

Watch the music video below: 

Watch the trailer of The Unfamiliar: