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Celebrities You Had No Idea Were Gamers

Gaming has undergone a massive rebranding. Just a few years ago, most people thought of gamers as hermits that stared at their screens for hours on end. Now people realise that gaming is a hobby that interests a wide range of people. And with more people cooped up indoors, many have started to venture into gaming to see what the fuss is all about. As some may know involved game-play is intense & stress can cause you to smell more than usual. Make sure you use a body spray to avoid that.

Part of the reason gaming is becoming more popular is because of some of the faces behind it. Sure, the average professional gamer looks nothing like what some might expect: well-dressed with an energy that just tells you he’s the type to play it cool. But besides the guys who play games for a living, it’s becoming apparent that plenty of celebrities can’t put down their controllers. Men you’d usually associate with chart-topping singles, Oscar award-winning movies and the best male grooming routines are also addicted to video games. Here’s a list of celebrities you probably had no idea were gamers:


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You’d have a hard time scrolling through a top 40 chart without spotting one of Drake’s singles. It’s a well-known fact that Drake practically lives in the studio. But many were surprised when he streamed a video of himself playing Fortnite with Travis Scott. He is also the co-owner of a lifestyle brand and e-sports organisation.


From teen heartthrob to one of Hollywood’s leading actors, Efron has come a long way since his on-screen debut in the late 2000s. When not perfecting the characters he portrays on the big screen, Efron gets lost in Halo, a popular first-person shooter game. He also hosted the Halo 3 Midnight Madness launch event in 2007.


While some people might not have known this, plenty will say they’re not surprised. The Fast and the Furious star is the owner of a video game development company.  The company’s first release was an adaptation of The Chronicles of Riddick, a 2004 film he starred in. Diesel has said he plays a lot of video and PC games, his favourite being Call of Duty.



Five albums, seven EPs and countless singles means lots of time in the studio. But it seems that when Bieber’s not in the studio, he binges on video games. When Pokemon Go was launched, he was all but glued to his screen. He has also reportedly showed up late for a 2013 concert because he was playing video games.

Gaming isn’t what it used to be. Besides the advances in technology, even the type of people it appeals to has changed. So if you’re still a closet gamer, realise that hobbies aren’t anything to be ashamed of. Next time you’re posting a video onto social media, give people a glimpse of your favourite pastime.


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