A new story, but the same wacky and wonderful characters


Looking for ideas to entertain the kids? Then head over to the Mardi Gras Theatre to enjoy The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Robin Hood is the story of a legendary archer who steals from the rich and gives to the needy. Or that’s what everyone thinks. No one seems to think about the characters that fall victim to Robin’s escapades. No one has ever heard the Sheriff of Nottingham explain his side of events.

The Adventures of Robin Hood follows your favourite characters, including Robin, Little John, Friar Tuck and Maid Marian on a new quest as told through the eyes of the misunderstood Sheriff.

In the Sheriff’s story, Prince John has a few evil plots to unfold, including marrying the beautiful Maid Marian and taking control of the entire kingdom. Robin, however, cannot let this happen and gathers his merry men and another unlikely hero to save the day again. But this time it won’t be as simple as he thinks.

Get ready for archery competitions, schemes, trickery and fate-altering decisions made by none other than our fearless audience members.

It is based on a script by J.M. Brink but has been adapted and rewritten by writer Danielle Retief to suit a broader audience of young kids and adults.

Dates: 10 December – 3pm; 11 December – 3pm; 12 December – 11am & 3pm; 13 December 2020 – 11am & 3pm.

Tickets: R80 per adult and R60 per child (up to 13-years) via Computicket.

Venue: Mardi Gras Theatre at Carnival City, Corner or Century and Elsburg Roads, Brakpan.