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A trio of books for lovers of animals and history


British wildlife photographer Margot Raggett founded the Remembering Wildlife series five years ago when, after the horror of seeing a poached elephant in northern Kenya, she approached several wildlife photographers, asking them to donate images for a book on ellies, a book to raise awareness of the plight of these animals, and to use the profits from sales to support organisations working on the ground to protect them. The successful Remembering Elephants venture was swiftly followed by three more books – featuring rhinos, great apes and lions, with close on R13-million raised so far.  This fifth book – Remembering Cheetahs – is not only page after page of exceptional photographs by some of the world’s – and South Africa’s – leading wildlife photographers, but the profits will go towards the protection of cheetahs in the wilds of Africa … so double the reason for buying it. R895 from


Another photographic treasure – and exceptional fund-raising venture – this one a celebration of one of our most charismatic and endangered predators. Africa’s Wild Dogs – A Survival Story is a photographic celebration by wildlife photographer Jocelin Kagan, who’s made it her mission to bring the extraordinary lives of these often misunderstood and maligned animals into the spotlight. With only around 6600 left in Africa, these nomadic animals, whose territories range for thousands of kilometres, are non-confrontational, smart and sociable, and form complex and close family bonds, as shown in this tremendous book, the royalties of which will be donated to the Africa’s Wild Dog Survival Fund. R529 from Exclusive Books


If you’re a Boer War buff, this is a fascinating and impressive, comprehensive military atlas, which covers every aspect of it, from Kruger’s invasions of Natal and Griqualand West, through the famous battles of the conventional period, to the vast ‘drives’ of the guerrilla war phase which brought the war to an end. With more than 200 full-colour maps, diagrams and detailed ORBATs, (Order of Battle) covering the conflict on a strategic, operational and tactical level, The Boer War Atlas by Chris Ash is also lavishly illustrated with photos and drawings. By showing where every operation and battle fitted into the bigger picture, the reader is able to understand how and why any given action was fought. Utilising standard NATO symbols to represent the various units involved, the maps were drawn specially for the Atlas, working from modern contour maps to ensure accuracy and detail. R1100, excluding delivery, from