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A true love story

Their story reads like one of those old romance novels, boy meets girl, girl meets boy and they live happily ever after. But their story is also one of inspiration to just live your dream and to trust in good things to come.

We meet up with Anaïs Loois, local singer, vocal producer, TV producer, director and TV presenter in her Randhart home and studio for her business, Be Your Dream Productions of which Anais is the founder, to find out more about her latest song, Rooibaard.

And that is where we stumbled upon our love story.

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Rooibaard is a love letter from Anaïs to her husband, Maurice, which she wrote for their wedding anniversary. The intimate song celebrates love and their relationship of 10 years.

She describes Maurice and their love in a nostalgic flashback to the past where her beloved sang of their love back then as evergreen.

Then the song comes back to the present time with Anaïs proclaiming, in a very intimate fashion, to choose him again and again, even after 10 years, with his red beard.

The two met while Maurice was a drummer in the church band when Maurice was 19 years old, and Anaïs just a bit younger, and as they say, the rest is history.

In true romantic style, Maurice asked Anaïs to be his wife on November 24, 2015 when an unsuspected Anaïs thought this is another movie night with some friends.

During the movie Maurice excused himself and while watching the screen a song, that Maurice covered especially for her with her band, began playing while Maurice returned with friends and family to ask Anaïs to spend the rest of her life with him.

All things new

The couple has been married for three years and will celebrate the birth of their first child later this year.

‘We are expecting a girl and her name will be Isabella or Ariella – maybe even a double barrel name. The pregnancy was an unexpected one and we did not plan it.

‘Like so many other people we still wanted to travel, planned on doing other things but I now also realise that we can still do those things when we have a child.

‘It is just a matter of priorities that will change and I suppose better planning to make time for all these things,’ she said with a happy smile.

And with the new addition to the family, there is also a new production on the list of programmes Anaïs is already producer of.

She also announced the new TV show, called Ons Groei Saam which will be launched in early 2021 on Via DStv channel 147.

The show will follow Anaïs’ pregnancy and her journey as a new mother.

It is aimed at moms-to-be to prepare them for the road ahead. The show also aims to discuss some real-life hard topics such as infertility and adoption and will offer massive giveaways and prizes to its followers and viewers.

A little of this and that

Looking back at Anaïs’ life as an artist, she was scouted by a music label while still in high school at Hoërskool Marais Viljoen High School and she wrote matric at the age of 16 to pursue her dream as a singer.

She was later offered her own programme and so Be Your Dream was born. Through Be Your Dream she has been involved in outreach programmes at schools, became the national LifeLine ambassador and Be Your Dream Productions was established.

Other productions, as independent productions produced by Be Your Dream Productions include, Droomtroue, Die Bou Ou, Dream Journeys, and also Droom Kook which will be introduced later this year.

Surviving lockdown

In her own words Anaïs said ‘Something has got to give’ and that they are looking forward to this year.

‘Right through lockdown God has been very good to us. We cannot rely on people or the government for our livelihood. We have looked to God and put our trust in Him. He knows what He is doing.

‘We did not have to let a single person go during lockdown, cut down on other things yes, but we are still here through the grace of God,’ she said.

About challenges

‘Whenever I face a challenge in my life I speak to Maurice. He is my best friend, my soulmate and he inspires me to keep on pursuing, to keep on trying, and like in our relationship and in life, to hold on to the Word. And in knowing this I am not scared about what this year may hold, challenges or no challenges.’


• Do you prefer travel, food or art?
I love all of these very much. But I think I’d prefer travel, because to me it includes food and art.

• Outdoors or city living?

• Rain vs sunshine?

• Your pet peeve in life?
When someone talks and interrupts during a movie.

• What is the one thing people don’t know about you?
I am an equestrian. I love horses, and have been riding since I was a small child.

• Currently on your playlist?
I enjoy a variety of music, from modern to rock to classical music. Last songs I listened to is Revelation song by Kari Jobe and In the name of Love by U2.

• Your favourite movie of all times and why?
Spirit. Since I was small I loved the story it told. The music in it is also fantastic, Brian Adams sings the soundtrack.

• Who inspires you?
Jesus Christ, and my husband.

• You can bribe me any day with …..

• If you win R10 million tomorrow, how would you spend it?
I would tell no one. I would anonymously pay off all of my family’s debt and invest the rest. It would be like the gift that keeps on giving.

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* Text: Carina van der Walt. Photo: PICTURE PERFECT PHOTOGRAPHY.

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