2021 décor trends…


Granny chic. Natural materials. Quiet spaces.


We’re rather enjoying the revival of ‘Granny Chic’. An ode to old school, it’s the revival of furniture you no doubt would find in your grandparents’ home. And the reason it’s so popular? It evokes feelings of comfort, nostalgia and tradition … exactly what we long for in turbulent, uncertain times. It’s easy to recreate in your bedroom … all you need is a massive, soft quilt in a soft colour and pretty pattern. Granny prints are also used to great effect in the lounge … combine a floral print with a few modern pieces and add (dare we say clutter) keepsakes, sculptures, artwork and pottery from your life and travels. Rugs, mirrors, scatters (new or nicked from gran) add to the warmth of the room.

Yellow hues and granny prints … two trends in one!

Hello yellow

Pantone recently announced two colours as their shades of the year … and we’re all over Illuminating – a zingy yellow that’s warm and optimistic. They added Ultimate Grey, describing it as a practical and solid combination, giving us resilience and hope for the year ahead.

If you prefer a more neutral palette, Dulux Colour of the Year is Brave Ground – a warm, natural neutral … a nurturing and balancing colour. It’s versatile, so mixes well with other shades … think relaxing off-white, bold pinks and reds, and strong blues and greens.

Talking green … look out for sage green, which promises to make another appearance this year – a lovely restorative, natural colour that goes with absolutely everything.

And for those who aren’t afraid of colour … there’ll be pops of mulberry tones and warm reds combined with patterns and prints that evoke happiness and cheerfulness, as well as ocean blues, from deep inky tones through to soft aquas and teals … the perfect colours to create a tranquil and peaceful home.


Natural. Ethical. Sustainable

Sustainability is the 2021 buzzword and there’s is a huge focus on products that will not only last longer, but will also not harm the environment. As we become more aware of this, the demand for more natural and recycled textiles grows. Look out for 100 per cent cotton linen – pure, natural, breathable, and it keeps you cool in Summer and warm in Winter. Although it’s not the most inexpensive option, it lasts almost twice as long as cheaper man-made alternatives, so you won’t need to replace it as frequently. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, so has limited association with any allergies,  and really, could there be anything better than climbing into bed with fresh, clean, cotton sheets?

Crisp, clean 100 per cent cotton linen … natural, ethical and sustainable.                  


Bring nature indoors

This isn’t a new trend, but gosh is it growing … faster than an invasive weed.  All things garden-related are desirable … from vertical gardens and indoor gardening to botanical prints (in natural wooden frames, please). That granny floral fabric will come into its own, as will faux botanicals, which add colour and interest and require no watering. Bonus!


Mindfulness and wellness

The principles of wellness start with our own personal spaces and there are simple ways to use home decor to inspire mindfulness in everyday life. By creating quiet places and peaceful sanctuaries throughout your home, you can be fully engaged and present in the moment. Use every little nook and cranny in your house to create different zones – for reading, relaxing or simply retreating.

A comfy chair, a good reading lamp and a side table for a teacup will turn a boring corner into a much-used quiet space. A gorgeous spa-at-home bathroom is the ultimate space to unwind after a long day … all you need are some oversized, luxuriously soft towels, a few scented candles and a dimmer switch. A glass of bubbles wouldn’t go amiss!


Fluffy towels. Candles. A quiet space for after work de-stress time.


Support local

The call to support local started last year and is growing in leaps and bounds. As it should. So continuing this year is the trend of seeking out local brands that are proudly South African and have a nod to heritage in everything they do. Be it fabrics, upholstery or soft furnishings, or accessories and art, make sure to choose brands that manufacture items locally and support local communities.

Our home trend tips come from the Volpes and Biggie Best teams, two much-loved local SA brands. For more ideas, inspiration and great decor buys, visit volpes.co.za, where you’ll also find the Biggie Best collection.

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