A pair of stylish Rvlri watches …


Rvlri. Derived from the French word ‘reveler’, which the dictionary describes as lively festivities. What better name then, if you believe that a watch doesn’t only tell the time, but also speaks of memories and moments. Important ones. The exact time you said I do. And had your wedding dance. Or first met your firstborn. Another reason to celebrate … Rvlri offers accessible luxury with their timepieces, which they boast embody fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and superb quality, built on a legacy of watchmaking expertise.
For more details on where you can find these stylish watches, visit rvlri.co.za.

More revelry and celebrations … we’re giving away a matching pair of Rvlri watches. To stand in line to win, simply visit our Facebook page, and follow the prompts timeously (see what we did there!) Entries close July 23.
Details: rvlri.co.za