Winter holiday program for toddlers


Having your little one home for the entire school holidays can be daunting when the opportunities to ramble and play outside are so limited. And we’re sure the thought of how you are going to cope must have crossed your mind.

Luckily, there is hope! Award-winning early childhood education specialists, Play Sense are coming to the rescue this winter with a free four-week holiday platform, Play Box, which will guide parents and their pre-schoolers through an enriching, connected time.

The winter holiday program, aimed at two- to four-year-olds is easily accessible online, so parents around the country can sign up and tap into an array of professionally developed resources that will give them structure for their day and loads of fun content.

‘The winter holiday program artfully blends on and off-line so parents can choose what works best for them,’ says Play Sense CEO and Co-founder, Meg Faure.

‘Each holiday week has a learning theme, and every day there are two fresh activities that ignite imaginations and enable sensory play, which is so important for this age group. We have also included optional zoom sessions with our best-loved online teachers who are experts at engaging interactively with little ones on-screen.’

The beauty of Play Box is that parents can proactively share in their child’s development, and it gives them unique opportunities to experience their child learning through play like they do in their pre-school environments.

Lara Schoenfield, Play Sense’s Co-founder and Director of Education says, ‘It’s a simple, straightforward way for parents to access early childhood education content this holiday.

It’s a simple free registration to Play Box with no need to access any additional platforms or go through a range of logins. It’s so interesting for parents to get these first-hand insights into how their child responds to different learning materials and activities, and the whole experience fosters deep parent-child bonds.’


Imaginary play ignites your child’s language, social and emotional skills development 

The Jungle-theme week includes going on a safari. Using language and props that are easily found around the house your toddler will be engaged in an imagined scenario. Imaginary play is one of the most powerful ways toddlers learn, and by facilitating this activity, parents will improve their skills to facilitate other fun games to play with their child around the house.

Sensory play develops your child’s motor skills, cognitive reasoning, language, creativity, and imagination

The Bug-theme week includes creating the amazing butterfly lifecycle using playdough, one of Play Sense’s favourite toys. This extrasensory activity will spark other ideas of the magical worlds and scenarios you can create together at home using simple and inexpensive materials.

Creative play encourages your child’s cognitive and language development, as well as motor skills

The My Town-theme week will explore different human roles and includes engrossing art activities. Your toddler’s creative activities from working with paint to create pictures to building Lego walls is more about the creative process than the end product.

Movement play develops your child’s language and gross motor skills while having so much fun

The Dinosaurs-theme week includes lots of enriching music and movement play. Movement play activities are not only designed to develop your little one’s body sense but are perfect for setting off fits of giggles and having silly fun together.

The Play Sense Winter holiday Play Box is available from June 28 to July 28. The program is for free, and you can register here.