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Sshhhh … the sweet, sweet sound of baby sleeping

Just imagine. Your babe waking up after the sun rises and sleeping long restorative naps during the day. Nope, you’re not dreaming. It can really happen.

Born out of the many mornings Tamsin Glass and her little boy, Riley, beat the first rays of sun to a new day … she was determined to come up with a range of products that promote healthy sleep.

“A lack of sleep opens you up to physical and mental health problems, and like all new moms, I was running off love, little sleep, and 50 Shades of dark circles under my eyes. I was desperate for something that would keep Riley and me in sweet slumber a little longer and turn our home from a tired haze to a happy haven,” she says.

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And what she came up with was Dreamy Days – a collection of carefully curated products, simplistic in design, functional, and tested by sleep consultants.

First up … the Dream Pod. It’s all about white noise … which helps babies fall asleep, and stay in that deep sleep state, by providing a comforting and soothing noise and masking the many sounds that can startle and wake a baby. The continuous calming sound helps babies drift off, but there are more benefits, too. It’s a sleep cue, so they know it’s nap time, it drowns out noise in the home allowing for uninterrupted peaceful sleep, it mimics the sound of the womb, which creates calmness and security, allows your baby or toddler to link sleep cycles and stay asleep and trains the brain to relax.

Also helping with sleep are the Dreamy Days 100 per cent Blackout Blinds. These help make sure your child is getting sufficient amounts of Melatonin (produced when in darkness) needed for a good night’s sleep. And get this … these Blackout Blind use electrostatic technology … you simply tear over a perforated line or cut to fit the size of the window and voila – 100 per cent blackout. Brilliant for when you travel or drop babe off with gran for the night.

There are loads more products for sleepy heads on the site … pop over and see.
Details: Dreamy Days info …. dreamydays.co or instagram – @dreamydays.co


We’re giving away a Dreamy Day Bundle, worth R2095. It’s the ultimate sleep gift for a new mom and a fab baby shower gift. It includes a Dreamy Days Blackout Blind, a White Noise Machine and a Dreamy Days Luxury Blanket – a luxury blanket, gorgeous and soft, perfect to wrap up your baby for night feeds. You’ll find the competition deets on our Instagram page.

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