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Interesting and bizarre items left in an Uber

We’ve all been there. We’ve taken a ride in an Uber and discovered we’ve left something behind and sometimes only woken up to this fact a few days later. From cellphones, keys and shoes (and these are the normal items), see what people are leaving behind. Uber has released its Sixth Annual Lost & Found Index and… it’s stranger than ever!

“As the country continues to open, we’re seeing more people across the world resuming their travels. And as Mercury goes into retrograde, which astrologists say influences forgetfulness, we’re releasing our sixth annual Lost & Found Index,” says Mpho Sebelebele Head of communications for Uber South Africa.

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The annual Uber Lost & Found Index provides a snapshot of riders’ most commonly forgotten and unique items – and this year won’t be any different. It highlights which cities have been most forgetful, which days of the week our riders forget items most, and of course, tips on how to get your lost items back using the Uber app.

Keys, wallets/purses and phones made the usual list of items left by riders using the Uber app. While the unusual list of “items included: stethoscope, dumplings and diapers. Groceries, luggage bags, laptops and vapes were among the most regularly forgotten items.

Johannesburg topped the list of forgetful cities, followed by Pretoria and then Cape Town. The company also reported that users mostly forgot their items on Mondays and Tuesdays – an interesting shift as last year’s index showed riders were most forgetful on Fridays and Thursdays.

See the full results below:

Top 3 most lost food items in the country

  1. Dumplings
  2. Groceries
  3. Ice cream tubs

Top 2 cities with the most number of lost shoes

  1. Johannesburg
  2. Cape Town

The most valuable lost item to date

  1. Ruby Gold watch

The 3 most lost baby items in the country

  1. Diapers
  2. Baby formula
  3. Baby stroller

The 3 most common forgotten items in the country over the weekend

  1. Mobiles
  2. Keys
  3. Wallets/purses

The 10 most commonly forgotten items in the country

  1. Mobiles
  2. Keys
  3. Wallets/purse
  4. sunglasses/glasses
  5. Power bank
  6. Groceries
  7. Hat/cap
  8. Water bottle
  9. Clothing
  10. Vape

The Most “Forgetful” Cities:

  • Johannesburg
  • Pretoria
  • Cape Town

Most Forgetful Days :

  • Unlike previous years across South African cities, riders are now most forgetful on Mondays and Tuesdays.

If you’re one of those people who left something behind, look no further than this help page which outlines the simple steps you can take the next time you leave something behind in the vehicle after the trip is complete.

The best way to retrieve a lost item is to call the driver – but if you left your phone itself in the vehicle, you can login to your account. Here’s what to do:

  1. Tap “My Trips” and select the trip where you left something
  2. Tap “I lost an item”
  3. Tap “Contact driver about a lost item”
  4. Scroll down and enter the phone number you would like to be contacted on. Tap submit.
  5. If you lost your personal phone, enter a friend’s phone number (you can do this by logging into your account on a computer, or using a friend’s phone).
  6. Your phone will ring and connect you directly with your driver’s mobile number.
  7. If your driver picks up and confirms that your item has been found, coordinate a mutually convenient time and place to meet for its return to you.
  8. If your driver doesn’t pick up, leave a detailed voicemail describing your item and the best way to contact you.

So whether you forgot your groceries for the month or you’re stuck outside because you forgot your keys on the ride, don’t despair – help is at your fingertips!

Disclaimer: All information provided herein was, to the best of Uber’s knowledge, correct and complete as at the time of sharing. The information provided may not be applicable in your country, region, or city. Uber will not be held liable for any incomplete or incorrect information. Uber reserves the right to amend, in whole or in part, at any time and without notice, any information provided herein.
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