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Five tips for smart winter shopping

It is officially winter in South Africa. With low temperatures in the north and rain in the south, we are quickly reminded of the need to get warm and sheltered from the elements. If you don’t know what to look for then this task can be overwhelming and expensive. Here are a few tips to help you get more out of the clothes you buy, for less.

  1. Start by taking wardrobe inventory

Assess what clothes you have and size up what can be salvaged or handed down. Then make a list of what you actually need. Shopping without a list is the fastest route to unnecessary spending.

  1. Browse online first

This is a good way to see what’s available and to organise your needs accordingly. Thinking about what you’re buying in this way will also help to control impulse purchasing.

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  1. Sign up for savings

While browsing online, sign up to newsletters for exclusive access to good deals, quality releases and the occasional signup discount code.

  1. Shop for durability

Extend the life of your clothes by going for items that offer durability. In doing so you will cut down on consumption and help the environment at the same time.

Durability speaks largely to the quality of a garment and its ability to deliver utility over time. To assess the quality of a garment, you need to be looking at the fabric, fit and finishes. Is the fabric suitable for the particular item? Is it breathable and comfortable on your skin? Does the garment fit well and allow you to move effortlessly? Are the seams of your garment straight and neat? Has the garment been performance tested?

Also look out for technical features such as Down (sustainably sourced), Wick-Dry, Waterproof V02 Max, Windproof V02 Max, Breathable V02 Max, Duratech, Thermaffect or UPF, which are all signs of good quality clothing that performs over time.

  1. Value versatility

Choose clothing items that move effortlessly between activities and that can be worn throughout the year. When you have clothes that do more, then you end up needing fewer clothes.

A versatile garment is one that works for hiking, running and camping. Or one that can travel easily from landscapes to cityscapes.

See our Winter ‘19 Lookbook for some recommendations.

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