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Protecting your natural hair, the right way

In this day and age, the average black girl wears her hair in various forms of styles to embellish and protect her hair. The natural hair movement has been on a rise. The era of seeing black African women with a weave will, according to Enzi Hair & Beauty Institute Founder, Tshidi Molefe, be considered out of fashion and the popularity will fade, even more drastically in the upcoming years for many reasons.

For those who don’t know, the Natural Hair Revolution is rapidly growing in South Africa, and for decades black women’s hair has been hidden under foreign hairstyles, weaves or processed with harsh chemicals. To a point, these harsh chemicals are used because of the prevalence of lack of knowledge by either self-taught hairdressers or even the customers themselves.

Tshidi Molefe, Founder of Enzi Hair & Beauty Institute takes us through some of the best ways to protect your natural hair.

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The way you wash is important.

For any woman, washing your hair is an exercise and a half, that’s if you take the correct steps in making sure that your hair is nourished and treated simultaneously. Some hair care products offer a variety of benefits to your scalp and your roots, and some are cheaper imitations that are out to dry out your hair and weaken its strength. Always be aware that your shampoo does not include sulfates or any unnatural salts – natural hair needs a lot of moisture. A good conditioner should be used after every wash in order to seal the hair cuticles and ensures that it moisturized and soft. The more natural the product you are using, the healthier your look.

Product knowledge is very important

How often have you heard recommendations for hair care products, from friends, strangers or even the sales people themselves? One too many times I might assume. You need to know exactly what goes into your products and what exactly you are adding to your hair. It’s important to use products that are designed for your hair type to keep it nourished. Treat it for during the day, and during the evening as your hair needs different types of food for the sun and the evening.

To blow or not to blow?

When you come from the salon there’s just no time to let your hair dry naturally. While some blow dryers do the job quickly and swiftly, your natural hair deteriorates at the same speed. After a wash, try by all means to let your afro dry up naturally to avoid damage. If you really have to blow dry it, a heat protector has to be applied before it is blow dried and the heat has to be low.

Oil is essential

According to most hair care specialists, natural oils are considered ‘Natural Hair’s Best Friend’ only because these essential oils have many benefits to your hair and your scalp. However, as mentioned above that it’s very important to know your products, you need to know which type of oil is suited for your hair. The top three for us? Coconut Oil, Argan oil as well as Grape Seed Oil.

Although it might be a big task, when your natural hair is healthy and well looked after, you will feel good about flaunting your Afro and African beauty.

Find out more about Enzi Hair & Beauty Institute, visit: https://www.enziinstitute.com.

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