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Five surprising benefits of mobile gaming for your child

Mobile games generally have a very bad rap in parenting circles. Moms and dads worry about the dangers these games may hold for their kids, such as exposing them to violence, making them become anti-social, or limiting their physical development.

However, mobile games can also help kids develop many important life skills and are a vital part of childhood in today’s modern world. Here are just five of the benefits of mobile gaming for your children:

  1. Enhanced focus

Conventional wisdom might suggest that playing mobile games has a negative effect on children’s attention spans. But it can be quite the opposite. Many games require a high level of focus, as players have to achieve certain objectives to advance through the different levels. Games can also be incredibly complex and have a lot happening on the screen at the same time, so kids need to become adept at filtering out any distractions.

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  1. Improved problem-solving skills

A huge advantage of mobile games for kids is the focus on problem-solving. Many games demand that kids use logic, planning and organisation to advance to the next level by solving riddles. Children have to work through problems, meaning that they can start to make connections between actions and understand the impact of their choices. Playing under time pressure can help kids to think faster and make split-level decisions.

  1. Social development

Playing mobile games is usually a social activity for kids and are often one of the main reasons they enjoy gaming. While playing these games they communicate constantly with their fellow competitors – whether online or in person – teaching them about social interaction, how to build relationships, and teamwork.

  1. Elevated mood and reduced stress

While mobile games have a reputation for encouraging violent behaviour off-screen, the opposite is often the case. They can be a way for kids to channel their aggression or pain by distracting them. Mobile games also allow them to really escape and relax. Finally, children can feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment as a gamer when they advance to a difficult game level.

  1. Better hand-eye coordination

Many parents are against mobile games because they involve little physical activity. However, playing these games is great for a child’s fine motor skills. Because they have to take in the visual stimuli on the screen and react quickly, their reflexes are improved.

What is a good choice of device for mobile gaming?

Many phones these days claim to be gaming ready, but the truth is that there are specific requirements a smartphone must have to give your child a great gaming experience. A key aspect of superior gaming performance is a phone that can handle intensive graphics and not lag or stutter. The Huawei P30 Pro, with its powerful GPU Turbo and AI SIM Switch, is one such device.

A big win for parents with this smartphone is that it can set a limit on screen use time, restrict gaming, specify use times, and set the screen to display in greyscale before bedtime. The Huawei P30 Pro is also equipped with Huawei SuperCool, a high-performance cooling system, which dissipates the heat generated by intensive usage, so it’s also very safe. Lastly, the device’s 4200 mAh battery is ideal for gaming, as it can last a lot longer than most smartphone batteries, and gaming is notorious for draining battery life.  

Parental guidance and monitoring are still key

Although there are multiple advantages to children getting involved in mobile gaming, we must still remember that boundaries and rules are vital. Parents should vet each game that their child plays, to ensure that the content is suitable for their age group.

Also remember that moderation is important, as with anything in life. Limit your child’s game time each day, and ensure they don’t play mobile games before bedtime. The Huawei P30 Pro smartphone can be a great tool here, as you can set a limit on gaming time and specify use times on the phone itself, so it’s less for you to remember after a hard day’s work.

Lastly, it’s important to maintain the open dialogue if the young person is playing online with other kids; experts recommend moms and dads should chat to their children regularly about the kinds of interactions they have online.

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