The Clearwater Mall Gaming Expo

iPlayGames and Clearwater Mall are collaborating to bring you the The Clearwater Mall Gaming Expo. They offer a tantalising inside-look into the latest gaming ideas and releases that are racking up appeal around the world and more. This will be an annual Gaming Expo and will take place in the exhibition areas with in and around the mall from the 4th – 8th September 2019. Gamers, eSports fans, and Cosplay enthusiasts of all ages, will have four days to immerse themselves in the latest that the industry has to offer.

They will look at showcasing these products (Not limited to)
* Internet Solutions
* Home & Business Network Solutions
* Latest Games
* Apparel
* Hardware Accessories
* Comics
* Mobile Solutions & Applications
* Arcade Game Machines & Emulators
* Airsoft & Modern Warfare
* VR & Augmented Reality
* Tournament Arena’s
* Gadgets
and so much more….

* Football Tournament
* Fortnite Tournament
* Formula 1 Racing
* Kids Dance Competition
* Cosplay Spectacular
* Spot Prizes etc

So… Get ready to escape your reality… Even if its only for a day! Exhibition space is limited! Book your space now!

Details: Zelko Marinovic at [email protected]