Thrillers to get the adrenaline going

Exceptionally exciting debut by the new queen of thrillers

A plane crash sees Allison losing the life she’s built for herself – her perfect fiancé and their world of luxury – is gone in the blink of an eye. She’s survived the crash, but is now running from a man who appears to be stalking her every move. Meanwhile her mum, Maggie, refuses to believe her daughter is missing, presumed dead, and sets out to discover what’s really happening. Freefall is an exceptional debut novel by Jessica Barry (a pseudonym) that explores the deep and complex bond between mothers and daughters, and has secured a major Hollywood film deal. Penguin, R290.

Two books … four gripping James Patterson stories

One new thriller from James Patterson is great. When there are three … bonus! The House Next Door contains a trio of gripping chillers – each in print for the first time. The House Next Door (with Susan DiLallo) revolves around married mother of four, Laura Sherman, who was thrilled when her new neighbour invited her on some errands. But a few quick tasks became a long lunch – and now things could go too far with a man who isn’t what he seems. In The Killer’s Wife (with Max DiLallo), six girls have gone missing and Detective McGrath knows the only way to find them is to get close to the suspect’s wife. Maybe too close! In The Witnesses (with Brendan DuBois), the Sanderson family has been forced into hiding after one of them stumbled upon a criminal plot. Or so they think. No one will answer their questions. And the terrifying truth may come too late. That’s your weekend reading sorted! Penguin, R290.

When news of President Tucker’s affair hits the airwaves, he’s caught up in a media firestorm. The scandal threatens his re-election campaign … he needs the First Lady to stand by his side if he’s going to win the vote. But Grace has a mind of her own, and after years of compromise, unfulfilled promises, deception and betrayal, she refuses to give in to her husband’s demands. Instead she escapes the city, loses her Secret Service agents and is officially off the radar. But did she really run away, or is she in far greater danger than anyone could have imagined? The First Lady by James Patterson and Brendan DuBois is a gripping read … perfect for a lazy Sunday on the sofa. Penguin, R290.