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Want to define yourself? Change your hair!

Not to be noticed. Not to have people talk about you. Not to fit in.  Just simply to be you. “It is amazing that as women we change ourselves and the way we look to fit the expectations of other people, and not for our own personality. It’s time we realise that our hair is ours, and we can decide how we want to style it to define ourselves,” says Revlon Realistic marketing manager.

There are so many hair trends making the rounds nowadays that it is hard to keep up – should I go natural? Should I relax? Should I braid? Or, should I simply just chop it all off?  We all look in the mirror and get tired of the reflection that stares back, but a simple (or drastic, it’s up to you) hair change, is sometimes all that you need.

Revlon Realistic suggests these simple ways to have fun with your hair:

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  • Try a different colour. You will be surprised how a new colour can lift your face and give you a totally new look. Try a bronze blonde, a black cherry or a sunset copper; there are so many choices available – go for it.
  • Sometimes a simple trim can liven up your hair. No longer do you need to contend with your split ends, and once cut your hair will look neat and healthy. It will always be easier to style when you have cut away those straggly ends.
  • If you enjoy a sleeker look, try a relaxer that also nourishes your hair. Revlon Realistic’s range of crème relaxers offers a solution for all hair types and leaves your hair stronger, moisturised, manageable and more flexible.
  • Go natural! The best thing about going natural is that you have the options of a different hairstyle almost every day. You can have a full blown long fluffy afro one day, then a shorter, kinkier afro the next. Even if you have fine hair, your hair has a thicker look because of your natural curls.

Defining your hair to define yourself is totally up to how you want to look. Revlon Realistic’s range of products have been formulated to give your hair the best possible care while creating your defining look, no matter it is.

On those days when your hair is not following your instructions, remember that no matter who you are, embracing your hair is a journey worth taking: “I love my hair because it’s a reflection of my soul. It’s dense, it’s kinky, it’s soft, it’s textured, it’s difficult, it’s easy and it’s fun. That’s why I love my hair,” says Tracee Ellis Ross, daughter of Dianna Ross and well-known American actress.

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