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Happy International Lefthanders Day

On August 13th we celebrate the 10% of the population that are left-handed. International Left Handers Day recognises all those who have mastered using their left-hand in a right-handed world.

Here are a few things only lefthanders will understand:

  1. Using scissors is always an issue because most of them aren’t lefty-friendly.
  2. No matter how good your writing is, you will always smudge more than half of what you write.
  3. Spiral notebooks are from the devil because you can only write on the left-hand side, it’s impossible to write on the right-hand side with the spiral in the way.
  4. It’s a mission to learn to play an instrument because first you have to buy an instrument specially made for lefties and secondly you have to find an instructor that can teach a lefty.
  5. Finding another lefty is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because you finally have someone who understands the daily struggle.

Luckily, it’s not all bad because left-handedness has long been associated with talent and intelligence.

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Lefthanders – we take our hats off for you.

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