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Tip the balance to your health

Tired of measuring and weighing the individual ingredients going into your smoothies? Or do you just not bother and rely on guesswork to get the nutritional balance right? Now there’s an easy – and super smart – way to get the exact nutritional breakdown, in real-time as you’re building your smoothie.

For the past seven years, NutriBullet has been turning the nutrition industry on its head by delivering high-quality blenders to extract maximum nutritional value at home. It’s latest offering, the NutriBullet Balance, once again shows they’re at the forefront of innovation and smart technology – and deliver exactly what their customers need.

The NutriBullet Balance contains a smart sensor that measures ingredients as you add them to the blender. Through its accompanying Bluetooth app – on your phone or tablet – it shows you the nutritional breakdown (calories, carbs, sugar, fat and more) of your smoothie. Pretty nifty, eh?

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Turns out, the NutriBullet Balance – also known as The Smart One – isn’t only a pretty awesome blender, it is set to become your personal nutritionist on your kitchen counter. You can customise and create your own virtual nutritionist by setting dietary restrictions, wellness goals and your preferred eating styles in the app. More than one person in the family? No problem – each can create their own virtual smart nutritionist. But that’s not all. The app has hundreds of recipes (of course, you can always simply do your own thing, no need to follow a recipe unless you want to). Plus, the app keeps tabs on your successes with tracking. And you can keep track of what’s in your pantry as well as create a shopping list of what ingredients you need to get.

It’s as easy as picking your ingredients – with or without the app’s help – adding them one by one to the blender while recording them in the app, then switching on the blender and letting its powerful 1200W motor do its magic. Then, simply sit back and enjoy!

Price: R4 995. Check out the world’s smartest blender on www.nutribullet.co.za/nutribullet-balance.

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