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Declutter your home with these 5 DIY storage ideas

It’s no surprise that a cluttered home can cause unnecessary stress or that an organised home can save you time and money. It’s hard to stay on top of everything in your home when you have a career to worry about and a family to keep alive.

Luckily there are a lot of easy DIY storage ideas on the internet for you to use so you have one less thing to worry about.

Keep your home neat and tidy with these genius DIY projects:

  • Use magazine holders for storage
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Magazine holders can be used to store canned food and other objects. They come in all different designs and materials, and if you want to get take your organizing up a notch, you can label them.

  • Hang corkboards in your cupboards for extra space

Pinup recipes and hang measuring cups using simple corkboard. It will also save space in your kitchen drawers.

  • Use labeled bread clips to organise cords

You won’t ever accidentally unplug something again. Just take the bread clip off of your next loaf of bread, label it with a pen and hook it on to the end of a plug.

  • Hang trash bags on a Roll

You cna hang a roll of trash bags, just like paper towels, underneath the sink so you won’t have to look for it next time you need a new trash bag for the bin.

  • Turn your office organisers into a pan rack

This is a smart way to stack your pans with easy access to all of them. You can also use this for lids.

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