Be good to the bees

The world won’t be nearly as beautiful without bees – that’s why it’s important to protect them.

Bees play a role pollination — providing food in the form of fruits, berries, nuts, leaves, roots and seeds. They are also part of the earth’s wonderful biodiversity and don’t forget the yummy honey we get to enjoy thanks to them …

Unfortunately, bee numbers are falling across the world because of threats like pesticides, the varroa mite and habitat loss. It’s up to use to make our gardens the perfect bee homes to keep them from going extinct.

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Here are a few plants to plant in your garden that are beneficial to our beloved bees:

  • Bees love cherry trees as well as wild pomegranate, karee and buffalo thorn trees.
  • Herbs and crops like coriander, cucumber, pumpkin, rocket, strawberry, lavender, sunflower, mint, catnip, basil, rosemary, sage and thyme are perfect to attract bees.
  • Jasmine, Cape honeysuckle and daffodils are also very beneficial to bees.
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