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Spring into fashion with Love Milo

The fabulous boutique store, Love Milo, launches their latest spring range (which is full of surprises) on Monday, 9 September.

The eco-conscious ‘Spring Blossom’ design is a collaboration of white blossom, butterflies, peaches and soft pastel colours. The design is rolled out across cushions, storage baskets, tote bags and for the first time ever — a kimono.

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Designer Nicki Ellis says that they wanted to carry the Love Milo ethos with their new range.

‘We want to bring the outdoor beauty inside, in a new fresh way. Inspired by the soft colours of spring, you will see us using new pastels and redesigning our traditional magnolia blossoms, to create the perfect symbolism of spring.’

Love Milo launched its first range of kimonos with great excitement. They felt the spring blossom fabric would translate so beautifully into a kimono.

Love Milo’s traditional black and white style is worked into the design with the small details. The colours of the new design, pistachio, French lilac, blossom white and peach, combine well with the rest of the Love Milo ranges and adds a certain elegance whilst remaining timelessly whimsical.

Nicki spent a lot of time in Japan in his early twenties and always had a connection with the culture and country. He has wonderful memories of the beautiful spring blossoms that lined the streets and the kimono is a tribute to this special time and place in his life.

They also offer beautiful bags, cushions and storage baskets.

You can buy these products on Love Milo (kimono R1 500, big bag R750, tote bags R900, cushions R350, floor cushions R950).

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