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Make bath-time after swimming hassle-free

Childs Farm has the perfect hassle-free hair-to-toe after swim solution!

For kids suffering from sensitive skin or atopic eczema, spending time hopping in and out of a chlorinated pool or salty sea can leave skin and hair dry and painfully irritated.

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With the weather starting to warm up, Childs Farm’s three-in-one 1 Swim (R79.99) can help avoid tears and tantrums after swim lessons.

Childs Farm’s specially formulated three-in-one shampoo, conditioner and body wash is full of naturally derived ingredients, Argan oil and organic mint oil.

Not only does it help replenish moisture in their skin and wash away post-swim chlorine, it also makes brushing hair much less of a drama, leaving it clean and shiny.

If once you have finished washing your little ones hair, you notice that they still have a few stubborn knots, use Childs Farm Hair Detangler spray (R99.99).

This light spray takes on the toughest knots and tangles without breakages or tears and can be used on both wet and dry hair. The grapefruit aroma makes hair smell fresh and clean, whilst the organic tea tree oil helps keep head lice at bay!

Details: Visit www.takealot.com and www.babiesafrica.com.

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