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5 Reasons to go on a snow holiday

While in South Africa we’re blessed with a beautifully temperate climate, there’s one downside: we don’t have great conditions for snow sports. There may be the occasional week of heavy snow inland – and a few small ski resorts where you can take advantage of them – but nothing really compares to the snow conditions you’ll find in Europe, the Americas and Asia. If you’re on the fence about going on a snow holiday, here are five reasons to convince you:  

  1. It’s family friendly

If you have small children, a snow holiday is an ideal way of keeping them entertained while still being able to enjoy yourselves as adults. If you holiday at a Club Med resort, you’ll have access to their renowned Kids Clubs providing personalised supervision and age-appropriate activities for your children, allowing you and your partner to get a much-needed break while your little ones (and teens) are looked after. Most resorts offer ski schools where children of any level can participate, from the age of four upwards.  

  1. It’s a healthy way to holiday

Both skiing and snowboarding are a healthy way of spending leisure time – you’ll breathe fresh mountain air into your lungs, relieve stress as you glide down the mountain, and improve your tone, balance and muscle strength while pushing yourself up onto your snowboard or staying upright on your skis. Plus, you’ll be doing all this activity in beautiful outdoor surroundings of snow-covered mountains and trees, with no crowded indoor gym in sight.

  1. You’ll learn new skills
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Just like learning to water ski or SUP at the beach, a snow holiday means you’ll get the opportunity to learn a new sport. Most snow regions grant you access to lessons with instructors that cater for all levels, from novices experiencing their first time on the slopes to experts wanting to perfect their skills. Besides skiing and snowboarding, depending on the resort and region you opt for, you can also do activities like snowshoeing, ice skating and sledding if you’re in the mood for something different.  

  1. Your trip can be all inclusive

One of the most cost-effective and hassle-free ways to take a snow holiday is with an All-Inclusive provider. Club Med’s All-Inclusive snow holidays are hard to beat because they cover accommodation, food and drinks, ski and snowboarding hire, boots, ski and snowboarding lessons, ski passes, childcare and more, all for one set price. This means no nasty surprises in the form of a big bill at the end – which can be even nastier when you’re paying in a foreign currency!  

  1. There are so many destination options

From the classic snow-covered peaks of the Alps in Europe, to the wild, unspoilt mountains in Japan and China, there are many options around the globe when it comes to skiing and snowboarding. Where you choose will depend on your budget, how long you’re going for, what time of year you’re planning to go and what kind of adventure you’re after – such as the traditional winter wonderland that Europe offers, or a cultural adventure somewhere that’s not traditionally known for snowsports. You could also tag on a city break before or after you go, giving you even more to experience during your time away.

A snow holiday can be fun for adults and kids of almost any age. For adults, it’s the chance to get some exercise on the slopes during the day and enjoy gluwein and a cheese fondue by the fireplace in the evenings. For the kids, learning to ski and snowboard – or simply playing in the snow – is an action-packed adventure that they’ll always remember. After all, we travel to experience the unfamiliar, and a holiday spent having snow-centric fun will create incredible memories that your whole family will cherish.

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