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South Africa’s favourite premium fruit juice company is taking cold-pressed juice to tastier, spicier and fierier terrains. Introducing the Sir Fruit Raw Health Shots, a little shot of goodness that will give bad days the boot!

With the concentrated deliciousness of real fresh fruits, vitamin-rich vegetables and spices, Sir Fruit is serving up shots that pack a punch in two sips or less. Incorporating superfood ingredients that are packed full of antioxidants and minerals, Sir Fruit Health Shots are an on-the-go health kick that fit perfectly into today’s busy lifestyle. Give you and your taste buds the royal treatment with a hit of only the good stuff – dynamite truly does come in small packages.

So, let us salute to good health with a dose of wellness in these invigorating variants:

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  • Daily Green – great source of minerals made with apple, cucumber, lemon, spinach and kale.

  • Fiery Ginger – raw, fiery goodness made with ginger, apple and lemon.

  • Pomegranate – packed with anti-oxidants and pomegranate, with extra pomegranate of course.

  • Spicy Turmeric – a natural anti-inflammatory made with turmeric, orange, carrot, lemon, and cayenne pepper.

“You will not find a more delicious cold pressed health shot out there. They are free from any funny business and made using only the good stuff. We use high quality fresh produce to make sure you get all the goodness of our super ingredients” says Sir Fruit’s Brand Manager, and Princess Regent, Taryn van Zyl.

The Sir Fruit Health Shots will retail for the low recommended price of only R18.99 per 100ml and will be available at top grocers around South Africa. Huzzah!

For more information, visit the Sir Fruit website at and follow their social media platforms.

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