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Five tips for female travellers

We’ve crunched the numbers, and it turns out more women are travelling solo than ever before! As with any solo journey there are a lot of unknowns. Like whether it’s going to be safe, how to find others to hang with, and how to choose where to go. There are also a few extra things to consider if you’re a woman though. We’ve put together these handy tips for female travellers so you can live it up solo style wherever you go.

1. Be confident

Worried about being lonely on your solo trip? Chill out, you’ll probably meet more new people than you would if travelling with friends. There are loads of other solo travellers keen to meet up and hang out. You could just relax in the common room of your hostel and start chatting. Or join a tour or adventure activity and meet other peeps who’re into your fave things too.

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2. Do your homework

Read up on current events on your chosen destination. Check out if there are any political issues or major weather conditions before you go. But also don’t get freaked out by one or two bad stories you read on the internet. Read up on local dress codes and customs (some countries are more conservative than others). Learn a bit of the local lingo (or at least download Google Translate on your phone). And get to know the layout of the city you’re in (GPS is great, but it’s not really a good idea to wander around looking like a lost tourist).

3. Stay safe

This one’s a no-brainer for all travellers. Things like don’t leave your stuff lying around or go to dodgy areas. Let friends and family back home know where you’re going. Don’t walk around alone at night. Make sure you have copies of passport and ID. And don’t skimp on travel insurance! That stuff’s important for everyone. Also, not to be a party pooper, but it’s also a good idea to watch what you drink. Go wild, but make sure you still know what’s going on around you.

4. Don’t be afraid to say no

One thing about travelling solo as a female, is you might get some unwanted attention from guys. If you don’t want him to buy you a drink, politely say no. If he’s not taking the hint, a good idea is to mention that you have a boyfriend (whether you do or not), and that they’re meeting you in a few minutes. Also don’t feel pressured to go out partying or drinking somewhere you’re not comfortable (your new travel BFFs might be keen, but that doesn’t mean you have to say yes).

5. Take it easy

Travelling solo means you don’t have to answer to anyone. So if you’re feeling homesick or tired, just take the day off and stay in your hostel or just go see a movie. Not every day has to be a huge epic adventure. Treat yourself to a swanky restaurant or a night at a fancy hotel if you need a pick me up (just don’t blow your whole budget at once). Skype your mom. Read a book. Or just chill on a park bench and watch the world go by. It’s your holiday, and there’s no one to tell you what to do!

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