Camping tips from the Getaway Show – on this weekend!


Camping and caravanning – both popular South African holiday choices for the outdoor living they offer, the endless destination options, and of course the budget friendliness – abound in ‘the best ways to do things’ from how to pack a rucksack for a three-day hike to cleaning the chemical toilet, and everything in between.

But even the most confident campers tend to be enticed by new ideas for getting the best out of the sacred little camping spot that is home for a while.

As your excitement grows in anticipation of another great Gauteng Getaway show at TicketPro Dome in Randburg from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 October, Getaway gives you some fun and mostly useful hints and tips to try on your next outdoor adventure.

  • Zips are everywhere – tents, jackets, storage, backpacks – and they often get stuck at inopportune moments. Pre-empt or fix this by rubbing a lubricant such as a candle or lip-ice on the zipper.
  • Too hot? Reduce the temperature in a tent in a sunny spot by covering it with an emergency blanket to reflect the sun rays away.
  • In your camping kitchen, use a hanging shoe organiser to store your cutlery, implements, and other small sundry items.
  • Eggs for breakfast? Break your eggs into a sealable container before you go and keep in the cooler for a delicious scrambled egg breakfast, without the broken egg problem.
  • Yummy braai pud for kids of all ages. Pack sugar cones full of mini marshmallows, chopped banana, chocolate chunks and nuts, wrap in foil and place in the coals for five or so minutes.
  • Always pack duct tape. For patching tents, shoes, air mattresses, mozzie nets, bags, and more.
  • Pack earplugs. Between them, Mother Nature, neighbours, even camping companions can be louder than anticipated in the dead of night.
  • Remember to ‘leave no trace’ – be wise with waste, minimise the amount you take with you, and dispose of it responsibly.

Batteries are a big deal. Brett Kable from Enertec Batteries (find him at the show for a lot more battery savvy) has three top tips for battery care.

  • Always check the battery voltage before a camping trip, and if it is below 12.3 charge it up to 12.7 volts.
  • While travelling make sure the battery is in a well ventilated space and secured in position. Spilled acid can cause severe damage.
  • Check your battery voltage regularly when camping – draining below 12.2 volts will reduce the battery lifespan. After camping charge the battery immediately to avoid sulphur build-up.

Johann Carstens from SnoMaster has tips for camping fridges.

  • Switch on a day before leaving to avoid unnecessary power usage when camping and travelling.
  • Don’t take the baskets out – they help with the air flow around the food and bring the temperature down quicker.

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