Celebrate Garden Day

There’s nothing like the joy of gardening. Connecting to nature, the pride of growing your own plants, flowers, food and of course, the amazing health benefits. It’s also been said that gardens, no matter how big or small, have the potential to bring people together, which is why on Sunday, 20 October you should down tools, and invite neighbours, friends and family round to celebrate Garden Day.
Some ideas:
• Use fresh flowers and greenery from your garden to make flower crowns for everyone. • Invite friends for a bring ’n’ braai – use herbs from the garden to flavour their meat. • Instead of a book club, have a plant club. Ask guests to bring a rare or interesting plant to swap with one of the other guests. • If you don’t have a garden, visit someone who does and enjoy it with them.
For more ideas and Garden Day inspiration, visit www.gardenday.co.za.