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An all-in-one product to protect and hydrate your skin

“I barely have time to brush my teeth, let alone think about my skin care regime.” How often have you thought that? Or even said that out loud? To your friends, your mom group, dad group, or work colleagues. Our lives are all consuming and we’re constantly after that quick fix. Two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, face and body wash, and makeup remover wipes are all products that make our daily routine that much quicker. However, what about something we should be using daily that often slips through the cracks? Sun care.

Research conducted by Everysun, one of South Africa’s leading sun care brands, has found that consumers are looking for an all-in-one product to protect and hydrate their skin, while still providing them with a sufficient daily sun protection. “Our consumers are craving a product that will take as little time as possible out of their day to apply – so no extra step! – and yet will still provide the protection they need, without the negative effects such as uneven, dry, or flaky skin,” explains Everysun brand manager Nikki Flanagan. “We saw a gap in the market to create a product specifically geared to our consumers’ needs; a moisturiser with a lower SPF, that absorbs easily into the skin without leaving any white residue.”

Everysun’s new Everyday Moisturising Lotion SPF20 is a two-in-one product specifically formulated to moisturise the skin and protect it against daily sun-induced damage. Both variants – the cooling Aloe Vera and the enriching Cocoa Butter – are fast absorbing, promote even-toned skin and will leave your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and protected. “Our new Everyday Moisturising Lotion SPF20 is perfect for all skin tones and provides 24-hour hydration,” adds Flanagan.

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“Our research revealed that most women dislike using a daily sunscreen due to the oily, silvery, ashy residue it leaves on their skin. And, men, if they do use sunscreen, will apply it on their faces as well as on areas where clothing will leave a ‘two-toned’ look like on the neck, arms, shoulders and knees.” Flanagan adds that, while skin cancer registered as a concern, their research showed that most consumers aim to avoid the negative aesthetic effects of the sun on their appearance – dry, flaky and uneven tone.

“Our consumers are price conscious, as are most people in this tough economic climate, and are looking for affordable sun protection products. With this in mind we’ve managed to keep prices down at just R49.99 for our 200ml bottle and R84.99 for our 400ml bottle.”

Everysun Everyday Moisturising Lotion SPF20 can be applied to both your face and body and is available at all leading retailers.

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