Wrinkle out those packing problems


It’s almost that time of the year again when you down pens (or in most cases close laptops), bring out the sun cream and make your way to your holiday destination of choice. But there is one thing that can make you hesitate for just a minute and that is the packing that must be done.

“Whether you are going away for a month or for a few days, you still need to pack,” says Sarah Webb, brand manager for Personal Touch. “However, there is always one person in the family (if not more) who has a problem when it comes to packing correctly, or in the very least conservatively.”

When packing to go on holiday, most of the time just putting clothes into the suitcases is good enough, but this packing “strategy” comes with a great deal of anxiety and panic. It may seem a little melodramatic, but let’s see the drama when you haven’t packed your little one’s favourite swimming costume, but you have her ski jacket just in case the weather turns. Knowing your packing weaknesses and forming a (logical) strategy beforehand can save you some unwanted tears all round.

How do you know if you have a packing problem?

  1. There is more luggage than travellers. Whether you are travelling by car or plane, having too much luggage can be a problem. A trip via plane means that you are only allowed a certain weight, and when travelling by car, the size of your boot and how many passengers are travelling with you dictates how much you should be taking.
  2. Your clothes are wrinkled when you unpack. Putting too many items, and not packing correctly will result in wrinkled clothes – and NO ONE wants to be stuck ironing the 20 t-shirts that brought for a long weekend. Pack a bottle of Personal Touch Wrinkle Relaxer in your bag to help eliminate light wrinkles, remove static and give your clothes a fresh, just washed smell.
  3. It’s summer and you have packed your winter coat – just in case. Check the weather before you go on holiday, and pack accordingly. The chances of there being a snowstorm in the middle of summer, are very unlikely, so there is no need to pack all your winter clothes as well.
  4. You have nothing to wear. You have just unpacked your overflowing suitcase, and you realise you have nothing to wear. You have brought 2 pairs of shorts and 12 skirts. Planning and matching items together in advance can help stop you from over packing.