Who grows there?


Fun, inspirational, user-friendly and absolutely free, Candide the gardening app that no green-finger should be without, is growing! Announcing two brand new features to let you know, and be part of, who’s who and what’s what in the gardening world.  

What is that plant?

You don’t need to wonder anymore because Candide, the community gardening app that is free to download, is going to tell you, at the click of a pic. A brand new feature on this handy info-guru is ‘Plant ID’. To help you identify an unknown plant, shrub, herb or tree all you have to do is go to the ‘Knowledge’ section on Candide, snap a shot of the mystery plant, or upload one from your phone, then press the identity tab. You will then get not only the name and short summary or overview of the plant and species, but details of its origins, environmental preferences, propagation, personality, problems, geography, uses and much, much more.

Especially noteworthy about Candide is that it is designed for all levels of gardener, from beginner to well-established so information is both practical and invaluable as well as easy-to-understand.  And because it’s used by a whole community of gardeners with different backgrounds and experience, elsewhere on the app, you can also learn and benefit from everyone else’s questions and answers.

Let your business take root

To say the gardening world is growing would be not just a pun, but an understatement. Just as interest in all things green and environmental from a new generation is taking root, so too are green businesses, enterprises, online sites and services. Millennials, locally and abroad are discovering the power of plants and secrets of the soil, big time. With the climate facing a crisis on an unprecedented scale, the state of the planet is of increasing concern, most especially to young people facing the future with their eyes wide open. A single gardener or pot plant owner may not be able to change the world, but a movement, a community of gardening entrepreneurs can most certainly raise awareness, up the game on planet protection and inspire others to follow suit.

But as with any new business venture, spreading the word is vital for sustainability and Candide can help you do just that. By downloading the app you’ll have access to golden opportunities to a) speak directly to your target audience, b) tell the world exactly what you do and c) raise your profile. In the ‘Places’ section post complete details of your plan, passion project, mission, vision or fully-fledged establishment – from small garden service, to brand new nursery, landscaping, tree felling, plant or pot supplies. Then under ‘Feed’, you can add your thoughts, tips and opinions to the wonderfully fertile list of ideas, trends and inspiration to be found there. There is also the opportunity to contribute to Candide’s ‘Discover’ section where users can explore curated ideas, articles and advice.   Candide is a place where every gardener has a place in the sun.

Candide’s objective is to be in every gardener’s palm, and grow with them, to experience the joy that comes from being surrounded by plants,” says Candide SA Market Lead Shani Krige.

Candide is free for download in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Once the app has been downloaded, users are able to utilise it worldwide. To find the app, simply type ‘Candide’ into the search bar.

For more information visit www.candidegardening.com, email [email protected], follow Candide on Instagram @candideappsa, Twitter @candide_SA and like them on Facebook @candideappsa