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A dog’s life

Wildlife photographer Nicholas Dyer has spent the better part of the past six years living in a tent while following and photographing – on foot – three packs of wild dogs in the Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe. He and conservationist Peter Blinston, who has spent 20 years doing all he can to save these magnificent animals from extinction, have just launched an amazing new book – Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Story.  A massive coffee table book, with more than 200 astonishing photographs, the book offers a fascinating look at The Painted Wolf … elusive, enigmatic and – with only 6500 individuals remaining (fewer than elephants, lions or rhinos) – Africa’s most persecuted predator.  Told in three parts – the book starting with an introduction to the painted wolf and their features and persecution; then, through Nicholas’ photos, goes deep into wild Zambezi Valley to experience life with a trio of incredible alpha females, Tait, Blacktip and Tammy, and their packs. (These, by the way, are the same packs that were featured in David Attenborough’s Dynasties film … to watch visit dailymotion.com/video/x6zqhu3). In the final section, Peter takes the reader into the tough world of conservation, describing the many challenges and the innovative and successful solutions he has introduced. The book is distributed by HPH Publishing, and costs R1195 … all profits go directly to the Painted Wolf Foundation, a charity whose goals are to raise awareness of the painted wolf, and change the status of the painted wolf, ensuring it has a seat at conservation’s top table. Details: For more information on the foundation, visit www.paintedwolf.org, facebook.com/paintedwolforg/ and instagram.com/paintedwolf_org/

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