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Save water on your summer garden

The water shortage across South Africa over the past couple of years was a huge wake up call to all South Africans. 

If that doesn’t scare you, the World Bank’s warning from 15 years ago would. The World Bank said that South Africa is one of 30 countries internationally that runs the risk of becoming arid in 50 years unless vigorous water saving is put in place. 

At the end of the day, it’s the responsibility of all citizens to conserve this precious resource. Lasher Tools understand that to enjoy a beautiful summer garden you would want to water your garden before the big rain but they ask South Africans to either avoid it all togethe or at least do so sparingly.

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Here’s how to enjoy your summer garden while saving water:

Water-wise lawns

Rolling green lawns that take huge amounts of water and maintenance are a luxury of the past. If you want to keep a lawn, try and cut down on the area by increasing the size of your flower and vegetable beds. You can also replace a fine lawn with a tougher variety, such as Buffalo grass.

Adding mulch

Mulch like compost, straw and wood chips, will not only improve the structure of your soil but also holds water for longer, ensuring that your plants’ roots remain moist in hot weather. 

Invest in a rainwater tank

By installing a rainwater tank that collects the rain runoff from your home’s guttering, you can save water for those weeks when it doesn’t rain and ensure that your garden remains hydrated without having to rely on municipal water.

Be water-wise with your planting

Group plants that have similar watering requirements together so that you don’t waste water, and damage plants that need less water. It’s also preferable to plant indigenous plants that need less water and are suited to South Africa’s climate. Ask an expert at your local nursery to point out which plants are indigenous; you’ll be surprised by the enormous variety. 

Re-use your household’s water

By switching to environmentally friendly washing powder, cleaning products, shampoos and soaps you can safely re-use your household water in the garden. Put a bucket in the shower with you and use any spill off in the garden. You could also invest in a grey-water system which redirects the water from your bath, washing machine and dishwasher to a tank for your garden later. 

Use a spray nozzle for watering your garden

Choosing an adjustable nozzle fitting for your hose puts you in control of the usage.

Water deep

By watering the base of your plants directly you aren’t wasting any water on weeds. 

Stick to level one restrictions

Level one water restrictions stipulate that you can’t water your garden between 6am in the morning and 6pm in the evening. It’s a good guideline to stick to even when no restrictions are in place. By watering when it’s hot you lose a lot of water to evaporation and can risk burning the plants when water droplets act as a magnifier for the sun’s rays. 

Details: https://lasher.co.za/

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