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Add a sparkle to your life with Happy Culture’s live and fizzy kombucha teas

The kombucha craze has officially taken the world by storm, thanks to an increase in health and wellness globally and an ever-increasing demand for natural, good-for-you beverages in line with this. According to Global News Wire, this market is expected to grow to USD 5 billion by 2025. But let’s take a step back and explore what kombucha actually is, and how it can contribute to the health of your gut, immune system and more.

An ancient process revived

This ancient alchemy refers to a sweet tea undergoing a fermentation process. Traditional kombucha dates back as far as 2000 years. Originally brewed in Eastern Europe and Asia, this drink was first used in Japan and China to aid emperors with digestion issues.

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Today, kombucha is believed to benefit the body’s overall health in many other ways. These include boosting the body’s immune system and energy levels, reducing the risk of cancer,

and the prevention of arthritis and high blood pressure. It can even be paired beautifully with food thanks to its palate-cleansing properties.

Championing happier, healthier lifestyles

Happy Culture Kombucha is a naturally invigorating drink that’s handcrafted with a special fermentation process honouring the ancient, eastern traditions. Using these authentic methods, the best natural ingredients and mineral water, Happy Culture has passionately created a delicious range of fizzy living teas to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere as a refreshing, uplifting and health-boosting drink.

Their range includes six exciting unique flavours blends, with something to suit every palate and every moment. Their signature style is fresh, clean, beautifully balanced and deliciously dry with an elegant but persistent bubble. A residual sugar content of less than 4g/100ml is an added bonus.

Mark Jones and Manon Colmant, the founders of Happy Culture, are wholeheartedly passionate in their vision to inspire wellbeing and happiness, and contributing towards a positive evolution on earth. And, with a background in Cap Classique and Champagne, they embarked on a journey to combine their passion for health with that of bubbly. During a travel odyssey they found their kombucha calling, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Happy gut, happy human

Kombucha is chock-full of health benefits and is often called ‘the champagne of life’. Its fermentation process induces a range of organic acids, probiotics, enzymes, B-vitamins and antioxidants. So it’s no wonder that it assists with improved digestion and gut flora, detoxifying the organs, energy boosts, strengthening the immune system and even weight loss.

As the trend towards non-alcoholic beverages continues to grow, kombucha will take its place in the front row as a key healthy alternative to sugary drinks and even sparkling wine or cider. The ingredients used in the making of kombucha are brewed tea, sugar and a live culture of beneficial bacteria and yeasts (known as a SCOBY). These live cultures, which are created by the tea and sugar, multiply themselves by feeding on it – ultimately working together to transform the sweet tea into a tangy-sweet living cultured tea.

The live cultures present in kombucha are produced through a combination of tea, sugar and SCOBY – Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. Ingredients undergo a first fermentation for around two weeks, followed by a second fermentation after filtration and bottling, at which point the natural effervescence will be created. Natural fruit juice, botanical extracts, or spices can be added for a burst of flavour.

Thanks to the green tea used, Happy Culture’s kombucha is full of antioxidants which boost the body’s immunity. Good bacteria (probiotics) assist in improving gut flora, which in turn leads to a stronger immune system, better absorption of nutrients, easier digestion and greater overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Building good, healthy habits with kombucha

Happy Culture’s production space in the idyllic Cape Winelands provides the perfect setting for brewing kombucha. Not only do they have access to precious groundwater, but the team also plays Reiki healing music to their cultures 24 hours a day at 432 Hz to channel the good vibrations. They even have Himalayan salt lamps and Rose Quartz crystals scattered around the brew room to purify and add loving energy to space.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that Happy Culture is so focussed on giving you a healthier, happier life through their product. Happy Culture kombucha is made from 100% natural ingredients and is the lowest sugar kombucha on the market. An added benefit is the use of Kalahari Desert salt, giving a slightly savoury balance to each bottle. This acts as an electrolyte and gives consumers a buzz when drinking Happy Culture.

Connect with us to find out more about how you can improve your lifestyle with a little bottle of happiness every day.

Details: www.happyculture.co.za

Available at: Wellness Warehouse, Pick n Pay, Spar, Food Lover’s Market, Faithful to Nature, Vida e Caffe, Oumeul bakery, Organic Zone + many other coffee shops,  convenience and health stores, farmstalls, delis and restaurants around South Africa.

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