Avoid the hangover nightmare


Now you have a pounding headache, feeling queasy, irritable, dizzy, and experiencing a little sensitivity to light and sound as well as suffering from muscle aches.

Last night’s fun turned into your worst nightmare the morning after you are hungover.

We’ve been told to eat a banana before you go to bed; get on the Bloody Mary’s the next morning; absorb the alcohol with a fatty fry-up, and even hold your nose and knock back an aubergine and raw egg smoothie if you want to be hangover free.

Everyone has their way of either avoiding the dreaded morning hangover or getting rid of it, but the whole process of identifying what will work for you is trial and error.

However, here are a few tips that could help you this festive season:

  •  Eat before you start drinking: food in your stomach – especially carbs and starch such as pasta and bananas – slows down the absorption of alcohol into your blood.
  •  Try to stay away from drinking dark liquors such as red wine, brandy or whiskey, which have higher concentrations of congeners, chemicals that are toxic to the body.
  •  Don’t mix drinks, because you will only end up drinking more.
  •  Try to avoid eating spicy foods such as a curry or kebab after drinking as they may upset your stomach.
  •  The best tip is to follow every drink with a glass of water to keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water before you go to bed
  •  Maybe get some fresh air, and if possible, walk home with friends as exercise helps increases the metabolism of alcohol.
  •  The simplest solution just avoid drinking too much.
  •  As a rule, men should not drink more than 3 to 4 units of alcohol a day, women more than 2 to 3 units
  •  If you overindulge at a party, avoid alcohol for 48 hours afterwards
  •  Vitamin B is your friend. Eat a bowl of cereal and milk, topped with a banana to replenish lost potassium or a gentle pro-biotic drink
  •  Eggs may have a beneficial effect on reducing the effects of a hangover because they contain an amino acid called cysteine which breaks down the toxin acetaldehyde, produced by too much alcohol consumption

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