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Pampelle … Très delicious!

With summer days here to stay, this means entertaining poolside, alfresco dining and following the sun into the late afternoon. Now, there’s the perfect accompaniment to keep you and your guests happy.

Pampelle, a delicious aperitif to arrive from the French island Corsica, is now available in South Africa ― and the latest brand to be added to premium drinks company, Truman & Orange’s portfolio. Pampelle is made from handpicked grapefruits from the sun-drenched French island nestled in the idyllic Mediterranean Sea. The hero of this complex aperitif is the Star Ruby Grapefruit that gives it its bitter-sweet taste.

Pampelle and tonic are delicious – and no special tonic is needed, as the fresh burst of grapefruit really comes through. Alternatively, you could have it as a spritz. This artisanal contradiction of bitter-sweet citrus and natural botanicals is also delicious in a signature cocktail, topped with Champagne and a little soda water. The good news is that Pampelle is naturally lower in sugar (than other leading Spirit Aperitifs) and best enjoyed chilled, so you can enjoy it guilt-free.

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“The aperitif category is becoming hugely popular and has grown globally by 27%,” explains Rowan Leibbrandt, founder of premium drinks company, Truman & Orange.  “We believe that this growth is due to the low alcohol trend that is on the increase. Our younger generations are spearheading a group of drinkers who are far more discerning about what they are drinking because they are drinking considerably less.”

Pampelle is different from other aperitifs because it’s distilled three ways. Grapefruits are halved and macerated at length until full extraction occurs. To enhance the natural citrus aromas, a portion of the fresh grapefruit peels are macerated and distilled in copper. The rubies are pressed and reduced until they become a deep, velvety red. From there, batches are blended with tree bark quinine, natural Gentian bitters and a signature Eau-de-Vie, made from grapes that have been fermented and distilled. This magical combination gives Pampelle its moreish, refreshing, citrus hit.

Recommended Retail Price: Pampelle is available in 750ml for R399 at all premium bottle stores nationwide.

Pampelle Tasting Notes: The bittersweet taste of the Ruby Red Grapefruit, follows through with light to medium-bodied semi-sweet grapefruit and herb flavours. It ends delicately bitter, citrus peel-fresh and engagingly long. It’s bright, ruby red in colour and light, refreshing, yet complex.

Pampelle Perfect Serve: Enjoy Pampelle with tonic (and a slice of grapefruit), as a Spritz or in a signature champagne cocktail for something extra special.

Details: www.pampelle.com 

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