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This new year make it a new you

New Year resolutions always include losing weight, eating healthier and going to the gym more often; but we tend to forget about other elements of our look that need a revamp.

Martin Luther once said that hair is the richest ornament of a woman, and he was right. So, why do we forget to help that “ornament” shine every possible opportunity we get? Even the smallest and slightest change to your hair can create a “new” you, and that is all it takes to increase your confidence and have you strutting with a different attitude.

“Giving yourself a new look, especially at the beginning of a new year, is the right way to start your journey to defining who you want to be,” says Revlon Realistic brand manager. “Most people are afraid of change, but sometimes taking a leap of faith is what helps you feel alive, and when it comes to hair, believing in your vision is all it takes to go from ordinary to extraordinary.”

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There are so many ways to change the look of your hair, and some aren’t as drastic as cutting it all off. Simply giving your hair the TLC it needs to look healthy and moisturised can change the look and feel of it, as well as your overall image. Keeping your hair in good condition for whatever style you have planned can make or break the look.

Revlon Realistic’s Special Feeling range includes the Oil-free Moisturising Spray to help soften and smooth coarse hair resulting in lively, healthy conditioned hair, and the Super Soft Applicator which helps the hair’s natural curl, giving it a healthy shine and moisturised feel.

If you are looking for big changes to your hair don’t back down and go for it. If it is a different haircut you have always wanted to explore – do it. If it is a colour you have always admired but never had the nerve to try to outdo it.

“Making a change to your hair is always daunting because it is visible,” says Revlon Realistic, “but, it is also an opportunity for you to give yourself a new look. Nothing ever happens from doing nothing.”

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