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5 Reasons to service your car regularly

Servicing a your car can sometimes feel like paying for nothing, but the truth is that it can save you money in the long-term. All vehicles (old and new) require regular maintenance in order to avoid costly repairs.

Here are five reasons to stay up to date with your car’s services:

1. Servicing your car at the correct intervals maintains the warranty. Servicing outside of the Manufacturer’s guidelines can invalidate the warranty, possibly leaving you to pick up the repair bill if something should go wrong. If you aren’t sure when your vehicle’s next service is due, then refer to your handbook or call your nearest dealership.

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2. Regular services keeps the engine healthy. Cars are designed to require maintenance to keep them in good working order. Having the oil and filters changed at regularly prolongs the engine’s longevity and ultimately the car’s overall life span.

3. During car services, total vehicle health checks are done, which helps identify any potential problems or safety concerns. This includes checking major components such as the brakes, suspension and exhaust system to ensure they are in good-working order which keeps you safe on the road.

4. Along with the total vehicle health checks, your car’s tyres should also be checked.  to ensure that they’re in good condition and have a reasonable amount of tread depth. To help maintain your tyres, apply a quality tyre shine after a car wash because it helps to prevent cracks appearing in the sidewall of the tyre.

5. A car is one of the most expensive purchases you’re going to make, it is therefore important to protect this investment as much as possible by keeping your car in good condition. Your car will be worth more when you come to sell it if it has a full service history from a franchised dealership. Also, if the car is written off in an accident, the insurance company may pay out a lower sum because they’ll say the car is worth less without a proper service history.

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