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Grow a generation of women filled with purpose

Soar! is the new guidebook for teenage girls that aims to instil confidence and resilience as well as educate them on career opportunities

Don’t you wish that there was a guidebook that encouraged self-worth and resilience when you were a teenager? One that shone a spotlight on a variety of career opportunities, not just the handful your life orientation teacher told you about; a guide that championed you as a person and pushed you to believe in yourself and your abilities no matter your circumstances…especially as a teenage girl? It might be too late for us, but Soar! by Despina Senatore, gives teenage girls all this and more.

Senatore, a South African mother of three young children, concerned for the youth of our country, developed and wrote Soar! which aims to build confidence and resilience in young girls, giving them the tools to make informed decisions about their futures.

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It also educates girls on 50 careers available to them through in-depth interviews with women who are pursuing them, links and guidelines on tertiary education, practical advice to prepare girls for ‘the real world’; and tips and exercises for developing potential.

“Through instilling self-worth in girls in their teenage years and attempting to develop their full potential we can raise a generation of women who won’t have imposter syndrome or suffer from insecurities as much as we do,” commented Senatore.

Soar! is the guidebook that every teenage girl should own and use, and every parent should place it on their list to gift to their daughters.

The guidebook is also ideal for corporates who are interested in investing in the education and empowerment of youth in underprivileged communities. One of the main reasons Senatore wrote the book was to make information accessible to teenage girls in poorer communities’ schools.

It is available to purchase at https://purposefulwoman.co.za/online/ for R150 (excluding courier fees).

For further information on Soar! or Despina Senatore, visit her website http://www.purposefulwoman.co.za/.

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