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Accessorise like a pro

Handbags… Jewelry… Scarves… whether you’re getting ready for work or a night out, it can be hard to choose the perfect accessories for you outfit. The most important thing to remember when accessorising is to not overdo it.

Here are five tips to help you accessorise like a pro:

  1. Don’t buy matching sets of jewelry, mix and match and rather opt for bold statement earrings paired with a plain bracelet and ring.
  2. Show-off your personality through your accessories. Feminine and delicate jewelry works for a nurturing, warm and caring personality, understated and refined jewelry works for a mature, professional and responsible personality and colorful, quirky and unusual jewelry works for a creative and innovative personality.
  3. One of the age old questions regarding accessories are how to match patterns. Straight, geometric shapes can be worn with angular beads or accessories whist curved shapes word better with curved accessories.
  4. Other ways to accessorise are wearing a bold belt, rocking an updo or flaunting a pair of heels.
  5. It might be tempting to buy a bright handbag to bring a pop of colour to your outfit but it’s best to stick to neutral colours when it comes to something you use everyday. You can wear a black or beige handbag with a lot more outfits than you would a red or yellow handbag.
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