The Original Angostura Pink Gin

Despite the recent rollout of pink flavoured gins, the original Pink Gin cocktail is a two-ingredient classic believed to have been created back in the 1800’s by soldiers of the British Royal Navy.

Bitters was originally fashioned as a medical elixir and Angostura aromatic bitters was given to sailors in the Royal Navy as a cure for seasickness. However, bitters on its own weren’t exactly enjoyable and so they added gin, with bitters giving it it’s rosy hue. By the late 1800s, the recipe had made its way across the seas, becoming a popular cocktail with the general public.

Make your own classic

If you’re looking to keep things light this summer when you’re home entertaining, try this three-minute blend…

In a mixing glass filled with ice stir together 60ml gin and 2 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters. Then strain into a serving glass over ice and add a lemon twist as garnish.

You can also watch this DIY #BittersForBeginners video on making an original Angostura  Pink Gin.

Variations on the classic

Or top up the classic recipe with soda or tonic water and ice to make a lighter, bubblier, more refreshing long drink.

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